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Items filtered by date: 三月 2024

Innovative Technology Ltd (ITL) are set to demo their cash handling and AI-powered biometric products to the parking and transport sector at Intertraffic on booth 12.726. The exhibition is the world’s leading trade event for mobility professionals which will take place on 16th - 19th April at RAI Amsterdam.  

Commenting on their presence at the show, Stephan Rosseneu, ITL Business Development Manager for the region said, “We look forward to showing delegates how they can benefit from implementing our cash validation equipment to improve cash efficiency, and AI-powered biometric solutions to perform various facial analysis functions.”

For over 30 years Innovative Technology have been at the forefront of transaction automation, manufacturing a suite of cash hoppers, validators and recyclers for many industries worldwide. An innovative approach to product development led to the formation of their AI-powered biometric solutions division.

Stephan continued, “On the cash side, we will have our latest solutions on display including our flagship product, the NV4000. This advanced, high volume mixed denomination note recycler, provides faster note processing and optimised transaction times. With the capacity to dispense up to 420 notes of 5 different denominations, operational efficiency is optimised and the need for frequent refills is dramatically reduced. In addition, combining the NV4000 with the SMART Coin System, or Twin SMART Coin System for double the capacity coin recycling, we can successfully increase cash efficiency, for both notes and coins, in high-volume applications like parking and transport.”

ITL will also demo their latest AI-powered suite of biometric solutions which uses facial analysis for access control, age estimation, digital advertising and consumer analytics. 

Stephan added, “We look forward to introducing the idea of using biometric technology to this industry to demonstrate how they could benefit by improving the customer journey and  enhancing consumer loyalty. Our solutions use face matching to control access for registered customers, produce anonymous demographical data for effective consumer segmentation and display targeted advertising based on gender and age.  Unlike other solutions on the market, our range boasts a one off cost with no subscriptions, local processing with no internet required, and no biometric personal data is stored; making our technology affordable, easily available and trusted.”

Concluding Stephan said, “We look forward to showing how our solutions can help business in the smart mobility, infrastructure, traffic management and parking sectors improve efficiency and save costs. Come and see us on booth12.726 to find out more!”

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The Dyflin Group, ITL’s first biometrics trading partner for the vaping industry, have teamed up with Vape Supplier Ltd (VSL) who distribute vaping products direct to the convenience channel. Dyflin already supply ITL’s age estimation technology to vape stores, following a partnership which was secured in October 2023.

Vape Supplier Ltd commented, “Our recent collaboration with Dyflin means we can provide ITL with a larger customer target base for their age estimation products. In addition to being a wholesale distributor to vape stores, we also serve both national retailers and independent convenience shops, which is where we predict a big uptake in ITL’s MyCheckr installations.”

MyCheckr is a standalone solution equipped with a camera and screen that quickly estimates a customer's age completely anonymously. The LED above the screen turns green if the customer passes the age check, and red if they appear underage - providing a useful aid to help reduce any potential confrontation when asking customers for ID.

 John Vallis, Senior Business Development Manager (Biometrics) said, “We are delighted to work with VSL who are providing a new route to market for our age estimation technology within the vape industry. VSL supply direct to convenience stores which are ideal locations for our MyCheckr device to help staff perform accurate age checks and adhere to Challenge 25.  A big advantage of using our solution is that we do not charge fees per age check and there are no monthly subscriptions. Plus all processing is done locally with no internet required, making our age verification technology affordable and available for all.We look forward to working with VSL to rollout our solutions and expand our presence in convenience stores across the UK.”

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Innovative Technology Americas, Inc. (ITL) welcomes John Rhoads, VP of Product and Market Strategy to their US division.  John is responsible for setting the overarching product strategy and aligning it with the company’s business goals in the ever-changing retail marketplace. Innovative Technology specializes in bill validation equipment and AI-powered biometric technology.

Introducing John to ITL, Tony Morrison, President of Sales, said, “I would like to officially welcome John to the US team.  John will be heading up our product and market strategy with a special focus on working with our retail team in advancing our reach into the US market.  With his 20+ years’ in retail cash management, he brings extensive global experience from previous roles within the smart safe industry working for some major US organizations. I am sure with John’s vast knowledge he will push the Innovative brand and solutions throughout North America even further.”

Commenting on his new role, John said, “I have held various senior-level positions with some of the largest global smart safe manufacturers and suppliers in the CIT and Fintech industries. With experience in NPI, product management, digital engagement, technology solutions and international sales, I bring a wide range of skills and look forward to driving ITL’s innovative product range forward into the US market. Our flagship product, the NV4000 Spectral, provides retailers with seamless and fast customer transaction due it’s large mixed denomination bill recycling capacity and fast bill processing. We expect a high take-up from retailers implementing the NV4000, and working alongside the rest of the US team, I’m excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.” 

Concluding Tony said, “John plans to relocate to Atlanta soon so will be close to our new office to oversee and put our product and market strategy into action. We have a prosperous future ahead, and I look forward to working with John to further advance our product reach throughout America.”


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Innovative Technology (ITL) reported a successful EuroCIS in Düsseldorflast week, where the organisers announced record visitor numbers. EuroCIS provides an exclusive hotspot for Retail Technology in Europe, attracting both exhibitors and industry professionals from the retail sector.

Thorsten Labusch, VP of Sales & Business Development for ITL said, “This year’s show was without a doubt our busiest EuroCIS ever, with a crowded booth especially the first two days.  The booth was split equally between cash and biometrics, and the self-checkout (SCO) demo showing our note, coin and biometrics solutions integrated and working together, was a real hit with the visitors.”

Thorsten continued, “Age verification is now clearly on the retailer’s agenda after talking about this technology for a number of years. At the show self-checkout manufacturers were actively asking to trial and implement our age check solutions to provide age verification as standard for their customers. The most popular solution on the booth was ICU Lite which can be easily integrated with self-service checkouts to automate age checks for retailers selling age-restricted goods.  Seeing this fully connected with our partner’s POS system, retailers could clearly see how this could benefit their business and how easy it is to install. MyCheckr offers the same functionality but comes complete with a screen and camera for manned checkouts to help staff with the age check process.   With no fee per age check and no monthly subscriptions, plus all processing done locally with no internet required, our age verification technology is affordable and available for all.”

Innovative Technology have two main divisions - traditional cash handling equipment to automate cash payments worldwide,  and their biometric technology range for age verification and facial recognition.

Thorsten reported, “On the cash side, our latest multi-note recycler, the NV4000 was the key focal point on the booth. Using this with the SMART Coin System (SCS) we can now offer retailers with high volume transactions faster customer throughput with fewer refills for both notes and coins. We also showed the new coin elevator module for the SCS in Germany for the first time. This minimises the gap between coin entry and exit points, improving accessibility and the overall customer experience.”

Thorsten concluded, “It was great to see our products displayed on so many of our customer and partner booths at the show this year too.  The sales team look forward to following up on the high volume of leads we achieved to bring new customers on board, and supply both cash handling and biometrics technology solutions to fit their business.”

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March 2024 Technical Bulletin



IN THIS BULLETIN: Firmware changes (BV30 & SMART Coin System), SMART Payout Module Obsolescence, Dataset Updates (King Charles Banknotes) and New Product (SMART Coin Elevator).

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