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Items filtered by date: April 2023

Currency exchange machines featuring facial recognition technology have been installed in a variety of airports and travel hubs across Europe, in a bid to streamline the user experience and safeguard against fraudulent behaviour.

Currency exchange kiosks may provide the opportunity for criminals to convert illegally obtained cash, making it harder to trace the criminal activity in line with anti-money laundering (AML) protocols. Many countries have implemented transaction limits per day for all users of currency exchange machines as one way to combat this, but this may require customers to show ID and retain detailed records.

However, Swiss manufacturer ECEX Group uses facial recognition software developed by British company Innovative Technology to implement the AI-powered biometric solution into the Automatic Currency Exchange (ACE) machines as a way to automate these transaction limits. The software is within a compact device, ICU Pro, which provides secure, immediate facial recognition that allows users to quickly and efficiently use the currency exchange services.

The use of ICU Pro as a biometric sensor for facial recognition acts as assurance for ECEX and customers alike, helping to adhere to AML requirements by implementing intelligent customer tracking that shows a customer’s previous exchanges and ensuring they stay within their transactional limits.

Similar to how a cashier can visually regulate the amount of times a customer uses a service, the technology enables the kiosks to recognise whether a person has met the standard limits for domestic transactions before they need a passport. This limit can be set in accordance with the AML regulatory requirements of the country, providing a more secure service without intruding on customer privacy.

If the exchange limit is below the threshold, the customer’s facial information is saved locally for one day so the technology can detect whether they make further exchanges during the time period and ensure the threshold isn’t exceeded.

Hizii Denys, Technology & Administrative Officer at ECEX Group AG, said: “We chose ICU Pro for our facial recognition needs because we needed a solution that offered a quick, seamless, secure and - most importantly - compliant service for our customers. The ACE machines are intended to streamline the currency exchange process, and ICU Pro helped us to achieve that.

“The big advantage is that any biometric data cannot be accessed because of the encryption inside the device, so there is no need for GDPR concerns. Our technology is unique and we haven’t found a similar analogous solution around the world, so we’re happy to be able to implement this feature with ICU Pro.”

The implementation of the technology comes during a period of significant public outcry at recent failures to comply with AML protocols by large organisations, and intends to make AML procedures standard within the currency exchange market. The new technology hopes to make it easier for tourists to travel with ease, knowing their money is safe and handled responsibly.

Dr. Andrew O’Brien, Biometrics Product Manager at Innovative Technology, said: “Currency exchange is a complicated process that requires responsibility and regulatory compliance from any services involved. We’re excited to partner with ECEX to enable a further level of compliance and customer security through ICU Pro. Our biometric technology has the ability to link customers’ transactions, and this approach also has exciting opportunities in Gaming, where we can help limit and protect customers from excessive gambling.”

The machines are designed to offer quick and easy access to AI-powered, secure currency exchange, in a range of handy locations including airports, hotels, train stations, banks and more. The ACE machines are already operating in Geneva Airport (Switzerland), Billund Airport (Denmark) and Boryspil International Airport (Ukraine), as well as the Hilton and Opera Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine.


To find out more about ECEX Group AG and ACE machines, visit www.ecex.ch

To find out more about ICU Pro, visit www.intelligent-identification.com

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Innovative Technology (ITL) plan to showcase their latest innovations ideal for the retail industry at the forthcoming UK Retail Technology Show (RTS) which takes place on 26 – 27 April 2023, at Olympia, London. The exhibition brings together Europe’s most forward-thinking retailers and leading tech innovators.

Commenting on ITL’s involvement, Chris Wright, UK Business Development Manager said,  “RTS is aimed at retail and hospitality organisations looking for the right tools and advice on how to enhance customer experience, increase operational effectiveness and drive sales. We have our latest solutions ready to show retailers how to achieve these aims quicky and successfully, all in a cost effective way. We have expanded both our cash handling and biometrics (AI) ranges since last year’s exhibition so we look forward to showcasing these on stand 6A50 at the 2023 show.”

Innovative Technology have two divisions, cash handling solutions for validating and recycling both notes and coins, and AI powered biometric solutions for age estimation, digital advertising and consumer analytics. 

Chris continued, “On the cash side, our new NV4000 multi-note recycler will be the key focal point on the stand. We designed this high performance, large volume mixed note recycler specifically for the retailer to accelerate customer throughput to generate cash efficiencies and enhance the customer experience. This cost-effective solution has a large recycling capacity and automated float management to speed up transaction times and enable fewer cash refills. Using the NV4000  alongside the Twin SMART Coin System (SCS), our high-volume, multi-denomination coin recycler, we can now offer the retail industry a long-awaited, affordable solution for high volume applications for both notes and coins. The team will be able to demo both solutions for RTS visitors on the stand.”

Speaking about Innovative’s biometric solutions, Chris commented, “We are also excited to demo our AI powered biometrics range which can be deployed for accurate age checks, displaying targeted advertisements and collating customer demographics.  MyCheckr is a stand-alone solution ideal for retailers selling age restricted goods such as alcohol, vapes or tobacco to help with licencing obligations and Challenge25. Already being utilised in a number of convenience stores it is equipped with a camera and a screen that predicts a customer’s age quickly and completely anonymously. The device gives an extra level of assurance for till operators checking age ID, as well as doubling up as a digital signage screen to display targeted adverts and provide customer intelligence for segmentation. And for those that do not require a screen, MyCheckr Mini offers all the functionality, in a smaller device.  We will also have our compact ICU Lite solution which can be integrated with POS systems for self-service checkouts available on the stand too.”

Concluding Chris said, “We are looking forward to catching up with our existing customers and making new connections at RTS. Come and see the UK team on the ITL stand 6A50 to learn more about how we can help your business generate cost efficiencies and improve your customer experience strategy.”

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Innovative Technology Ltd. (ITL) are pleased to welcome Thanawan Lokniyom, Customer Support Engineer, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Thanawan’s role is to provide customer support and technical advice to ITL customers across South-East Asia (SEA).

Commenting on his role at ITL, Thanawan said, “I first joined the support team in October 2022, and I am settling into my role well. I have recently returned from a visit to the UK Head office and regional office in Germany where I spent several weeks taking part in a detailed product training and induction programme. It was fantastic to meet my colleagues face to face and learn from their expertise and get to know more about how Innovative works.”

Mirko Zwing, Customer Support Manager, commented, “I am delighted to welcome Thanawan to the team. Thanawan is looking after our gaming, vending and retail customers ensuring they have the right cash handling and biometric (AI) solutions for their required needs. As we expand our sales development team in the SEA region, we expect to see some significant gains in this growing market and so having dedicated technical support is vital.  Thanawan’s background is in the electronics and semiconductor industry and he has extensive experience in field service engineering, providing technical advice and value-added solutions to fulfill customer needs so is therefore an ideal fit for this role.”

Concluding Thanawan commented, “I have seven years’ experience in field service engineering including testing equipment and delivering a high level of customer support. I am looking forward to using these skills to provide technical guidance, product improvements and advanced solutions to ensure SEA customers have the best experience of our full product range. I am enjoying introducing customers to our innovative solutions and liaising with the sales support team – getting to know the customer at the start of the journey with ITL is important to us as a company.  I feel lucky to be part of such a collaborate, friendly and supportive team and I look forward to my future at Innovative Technology.”


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