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November 2015 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


New €20 note release 
The new issue €20 note enters circulation next week on Wednesday 25th November.
We updated all Euro and Euro mixed currency dataset files over the summer to include the new issue €20 banknote, allowing sufficient time to update. If you have not yet updated all of your validators in the field, currency dataset files are free to download from our website within the Support/ Currency Download section. The easiest way to update is via the DA3 SMART Update Tool - €20 which is available to buy online at our webshop.
NB: The new issue €20 note has been included in all new sales order since 27/08/15 - units bought directly from ITL since then do not require updating.
Product Change Notification
As a result of continuous product development, changes have been made to the SMART Hopper and NV9 USB+ models. The full change notes can be found at the end of the downloaded bulletin but details are as outlined below.
SMART Hopper – revision 21
The unit remains largely the same, however, the flap (PM00479) has been modified with the addition of two locating pins added to either side and the lift path plastic (PM00481_3) has also been modified with holes, to be able to accommodate the new pins. Please refer to the PCN document for illustrations of these highlighted changes. These changes can be identified by checking the product label on the back of the unit - the SMART Hopper revision number has been incremented to 21.
NV9 USB+ microprocessor
The NV9 USB+ microprocessor has been upgraded to an ARM STM32F302 chip (as the old chip has become obsolete). All NV9 USB+ units in current production will include the new chip. Units with the new microprocessor can be identified by the label which now has a red surround. The chip change is not anticipated to affect the product’s function or its technical requirements, however, datasets containing firmware version 1.16 onwards are required. Please see the product change notification for further details.
Innovative Technology Website Refresh
Due to the need for responsive performance across all communication platforms, our website has been refreshed to offer a superior interactive experience for those browsing on smartphones and tablets, as well as PCs.
Validators now available through webshop
We're excited to announce that our entire range of validators, recyclers and ticketing products are now available for purchase through our webshop. Our online platform is the easiest way to order validators if you only require small quantities, if you've never bought from us before or if you have a pro-forma account. The webshop also carries a number of other items including programming kits, cables and various spare parts.