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March 2015 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


Wincor Nixdorf Partnership
We are proud to announce our partnership with Wincor Nixdorf to provide entry solutions for automated cash handling at Point-of-Sale. 
With a relationship dating back to 2013, our joint partnership across Europe aims to develop a number of entry cash handling solutions for point-of-sale payment solutions in the Retail Sector. 
Sales Director, Tony Morrison said, “Wincor Nixdorf has an established, successful relationship with the Retail Industry, and a trusted global service and support network. By working in partnership we can offer unique, high quality point of sale solutions with a great customer value proposition.
We are proud to announce this partnership and look forward to providing new, innovative cash
handling solutions to the European Retail Sector.”
“We see a high demand among retailers for efficient cash automation solutions at the Point-of- Sale,” said Reinhard Meier, Global Head of Product line POS at Wincor Nixdorf. Our partnership allows Wincor Nixdorf to provide note and coin recycling solutions at an excellent priceperformance ratio- a solution that is particularly relevant for retailers with low to medium cash volumes at the point-of-sale that wish to introduce cash recycling, like convenience, fashion and small sized grocery stores.
Validator Manager
At ITL we want to make sure you get the maximum value from our products, due to this we have created many programs; one of which being Validator Manager. We have created this tool to help you get your product up and running quickly and ensure it continues to run efficiently.
With a fresh new design, ITL Validator Manager (4.3.3) is now even easier to use. By utilising a DA2 Kit, Validator Manager allows you to make quick currency and firmware updates, communicating directly between ITL validators and a PC. The new look Validator Manager is compatible with all our current product range and is available to download from the Technical Support/ Software Download section of our website. We recommend that all users install the latest version (4.3.3).
• A single, compact user interface for easier navigation
• Pay-in/pay-out functions
• Smart device detection on start up
• Previously used firmware files are remembered
• Commonly used features of Validator Manager 3 are retained
(dataset modification, product option settings, encryption key settings etc.)
• Support for new hardware revisions
• New Standard and Advanced User Mode
Updating validators using Validator Manager and DA2 kit
1) Download the DA2 drivers and Validator Manager if they are not currently installed on your PC, these are available in the Technical Support/ Software Download section of our website
2) Using a DA2 kit plug in your ITL validator
3) Open Validator Manager and it will automatically detect any connected validator. (Must be in SSP protocol).
4) Download the required currency dataset file from our website within Technical Support/ Currency Download and save it to your PC. To Open this file in validator manager select the Program tab, then press the browse button to locate the file on your PC.
5) The file information will be shown – Click Program device to initiate the download.
6) Validator Manager will now transfer the new dataset file into the ITL validator and update – shown by the blue progress bar
7) When the download is complete the unit will reset.



Software Development Kit (SDK)
eSSP Software Development for Host Applications
Smiley Secure Protocol (SSP) - is the secure interface specifically designed by Innovative Technology to address problems experienced by cash handling systems. eSSP (encrypted SSP) adds an encryption layer using an AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm which uses a 128-bit key for an advanced level of security.
We have developed various Software Development Kits (SDK’s) to assist when implementing eSSP into kiosk, change machines, amusement or gaming applications. These comprehensive kits are available for the entire current ITL product range to ensure that integration is as rapid and straightforward as possible, even for those with limited programming experience.
All SDKs include libraries showing how to handle ports, negotiate encryption keys, construct packets and encrypt commands sent to the validator (encrypted or plain). 
The SDKs contain full example source code showing the recommended way to interface with ITL products. The examples provided are tailored specifically to our product range to eliminate confusion and include demonstrations of interfacing with multiple units in one application.
All Windows SDK’s are provided as a Visual Studio 2010 project, however if an earlier version is required please contact us. Linux C++ libraries and example source code are also available. Full documentation is provided with the SDK outlining the process of implementing your software to communicate with ITL products and how to use the SDK’s libraries.
For more information or specific requests, please contact your local support office or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Standard Development Kit
To ease installation of our product range we offer a development kit that gives you everything you need to connect ITL products within your applications. 
A standard development kit (PA02311) is recommended for all ITL products and includes:
• USB Cable - CN00214
• SMART Hopper Power Cable - CN00389
• Duel eSSP Interface for SMART Payout & Hopper - CN00398
• SMART Ticket to Host Cable - CN00487
• SMART Payout to NV200 Adaptor - WR00147
• TTL to USB Interface Convertor - IF17
• USB Stick containing ITL drivers
• Quick Start Guide
The Quick Start Guide takes you step by step through connecting the device to your PC, installing the drivers and running the demo software.
Development kits are available to purchase from our webshop, alternatively you can purchase when placing your initial validator order.



Exhibition Calendar
Over the last three months we have exhibited at 6 shows across Europe & Russia, including EAG, ICE, RBTE, The Irish Gaming Show and VendExpo. For more information regarding ITL's exhibition calendar, please download the bull Technical Bulletin.