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February 2015 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


SMART Coin System Launched
The SMART Coin System; a bulk coin validator, mixed coin hopper and recycler was greatly received at ICE and is set to revolutionise coin handling.
The unit validates, discriminates and stores mixed coins, eliminating coin starvation and the need for multiple hoppers. Boasting a market leading coin hopper capacity (1500 x €1) and fully audited efficient refills, the SMART Coin System is designed to eliminate coin starvation and significantly reduce operator collection costs. The SMART Coin System’s bulk coin feeder reduces operator refill time by around 80%; reducing a typical 25 minute refill to just 5 minutes, dramatically reducing operator collection costs.
Sales Director, Marcus Tiedt said, “It was great to unveil the SMART Coin System to the market. A considerable amount of time and effort has gone into the development and testing of this revolutionary product and its something that we are all incredibly proud of.”
NV200 product change notification – build revision 25
As a result of continuous development two changes have been made to the NV200 validator head (revision 25). The main changes are:
- All five PCBA’s have been upgraded to issue 10
- Clutch (PA00604) has been replaced with a larger clutch (PA02325) - see picture below
- Clutch gear shaft (PA00607) is now larger (PA02362)
- Clutch gear has changed from plastic (PM00643) to metal (MC02057)
The full Product Change Notification is available on page 5 of this Technical Bulletin.


NV200 firmware version 4.28 released
A new version of the NV200 firmware has now been released, 4.28. The firmware is contained within the currency dataset files and is available to download from our website within the Technical Support/ Currency Download section.
This firmware release includes:
• SMART Ticket Support.
• Added support for SPF3 datasets.
• Dipswitch 8 must be high for at least 100ms before going low to trigger the interface change.
• IF03 interface now contains the MDB protocol.
• Barcode support for Revision 25 hardware versions (Issue 10 PCBA's).
• Improved SD card detection.
• New bezel flash error code 1 red 4 blue for straightener mechanical failure.
• Update to command configure bezel (0x54).
- New parameter added B[4] - bezel type.
- B[4] Enable bezel = 0, Enable bezel (flashing) = 1, Disable bezel = 2.
• Improvement to payout download recovery.
Payout Fixes
- Addressed a note movement during startup recovery to prevent out of service state.
- Sending a halt command during a jam recovery could leave the payout in a state where it
refused further pay ins, but would payout and enable correctly.
- A poll timeout could interrupt jam recovery, leaving the unit in a busy state.
Support for original NV9 / NV10 units
We would like to reassure you that currency dataset files for the original NV9 and NV10 units will be supported until the end of 2015, which will allow for the future €20 to be incorporated. As always datasets will be uploaded to our website and will be freely available in advance of the note’s official release. We guarantee to update datasets until the end of December 2015. Spare parts and repairs are no longer available for these original NV9 / NV10 units as of 31st December 2014.
Unveiling of the new €20
The European Central Bank this week unveiled the new issue €20 banknote that will enter circulation on Wednesday 25th November 2015. We will have access to the new €20 note in advance of its official release and will add it into all applicable Euro datasets over the coming months. We will release new datasets in due course, providing you with sufficient time to update all of your validators before 25/11/15.
Speaking at the launch event ECB President, Mario Draghi said “Every central bank needs to upgrade its banknotes periodically to benefit from advances in banknote technology and to maintain their integrity. The new €20 note includes a feature which you won’t have seen before. It is called the “portrait window” and is a real innovation in banknote technology. It is the outcome of the Eurosystem’s work to ensure that the euro notes continue to be resilient against counterfeiting. This will reinforce the trust that the 338 million citizens across the euro area place in their banknotes.”
In total, there are now 17.5 billion euro banknotes in circulation; the total value of these banknotes reached €1,000 billion for the first time in December 2014. The new €20 note is the third denomination in the Europa series that is gradually replacing the original euro banknotes introduced in 2002. It will be followed, over time, by new versions of the €50, €100, €200 and €500 notes.



Please download the PDF bulletin to read more on the Product Change Notification.