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December 2014 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


Validator Manager 4.3.3
With a fresh design the new ITL Validator Manager version 4.3.3 is easier to use and compatible with our current product range. By utilising a DA2 Kit, Validator Manager allows quick currency and firmware updates, communicating directly between ITL validators and a PC. The new look Validator Manager is available to download from our website Technical Support / Software Download and we recommend that all users install the latest version.
Products Supported
• BV 20/50/100, NV9USB, NV9USB+, NV10USB, NV11, NV11+, NV150, NV200 & Smart Payout
• FG4 format files for downloads – NV9USB & NV9USB+
* Please note that original NV9 and NV10 units (with dipswitches) still require the use of Validator Manager, they are not supported in the new Validator Manager. *
• A single, compact user interface for easier navigation
• Pay-in/pay-out functions
• Smart device detection on start up
• Previously used firmware files are remembered
• Other commonly used features of Validator Manager 3 (dataset modification, product option
settings, encryption key settings etc)
• Support for new hardware revisions.
• A number of other performance improvements (when compared to Validator Manager 3)
• New Standard and Advanced User Mode
- Standard – Home, Run & Simple Program
SSP Manual Update 2.2.0
The latest version of the SSP manual, GA138 is now available with added support for our Ticket Printer Range. The SSP manual, now at version 2.2.0 has an improved layout to help simplify implementation. The manual can be downloaded from any of the individual Product pages on our website.
MDB now available for recyclers
The MDB protocol is now available for our note recycling products and has been updated to support Spec 4- level 2 recycling commands. MDB can therefore be ordered for both NV11 and SMART Payout units. NB: Please specify MDB when ordering.
If you are ordering an MDB unit you may also be interested in the IF5 MDB voltage converter on our Webshop.
NV9 USB+ Release
All NV9 USB orders will now be fulfilled by the new NV9 USB+. The newer models are compatible with all existing protocols and the NV9 USB+ has identical external dimensions so no modifications will be required on any existing machines currently
utilising the NV9 USB.
The NV9 USB+ includes enhanced sensing technology to future proof the unit. The additional sensors will allow further improvements to security, reliability and overall performance moving forward.
Hardware wise the NV9 USB+ is identical to the existing NV9 USB note validator. All new NV9 USB+ models can be identified by a blue product label (rather than the green standard label).
Product Change Notification: SMART Hopper Labels
As a result of continuous product development the label on the rear of the SMART Hopper has been modified to include a barcode for the serial number, printed directly underneath the printed version already on the label. The serial number on the label will now always match up with the internal serial number of the unit.
Newly released datasets
Country                                    Code          Reason                                              Validator
Brazil                                           All            Improved security                           BV20
Cambodia                               KHR01         New dataset                                     BV20
Euro / GBP / Switzerland      E0015          New dataset                                     NV9 USB
Israel                                        ILS01         New 50 Sheqel note added            NV9 USB / NV10 USB / NV200/ BV100
Turkey                                      ILS01         Improved security                           NV9 / NV9 USB
Upcoming Exhibitions
2015 will see a very busy start to the year with 5 different shows in the first three months of the year, including our two key UK exhibitions, EAG & ICE. The five exhibitions will take place in four different countries; Germany, Ireland, Spain and the UK, ensuring that ITL is accessible to customers visiting the European exhibitions. For more information, please visit the Events section of our website.
Christmas Closure
Please note that our European offices will close for Christmas on Wednesday 24th December and re-open Monday 5th January 2015. Please refer to our website for support and FAQs and for any urgent queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will reply as soon as possible.