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October 2014 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


NV150 ‘validator head only’
The NV150 is a highly secure banknote validator head only, designed to fit onto to a custom made, high capacity cashbox (2000+ notes). Ideal for high volume applications the NV150 has robust anti-fishing /stringing technology and excellent resistance to fraud and tampering with 99%+ field proven acceptance rates. More information is available on our website within ‘Products’.
SPF™3 the next generation of banknote validation algorithms
SPF™3 the next generation of banknote validation algorithms. SPF™3 utilises much more real note data than previous versions of SPF™ technology. Traditional SPF™ resilience is generated by extracting features from the counterfeit data collected. Conversely, the newly released SPF™3 extracts features from more data points than ever before on both real and counterfeit notes. Customer datasets are generated through many tests; thus ensuring that ITL’s validators are future-proof in terms of unseen counterfeits in the field. 
Dr Matt Strong, Research Manager said “Customer currency datasets created with SPF™3, utilise individual sensor tests, in addition to the global sensor approach used in traditional SPF™. Features within the UV or infra-red part of the electromagnetic spectrum, not visible to the naked eye, can be detected and tested individually. Due to the enhanced feature extraction from real note data, SPF™3 customer currency datasets are able to reject a wide range of counterfeit notes without the need for large scale collection”.
This update in SPF™ technology expands on ITL’s market leading product range and will broaden the resilience of unseen counterfeits and increase the rejection rate, boosting field proven acceptance rates across multi-currencies. More information is available on our website within News. 
Initially, SPF™3 will be available for ITL’s flagship NV200 validator with Euro currency datasets from 1st October 2014. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to trial SPF™3 with any other currency.
NV150 firmware version 1.02 released
The NV150 has been released, with initial firmware version 1.02. Firmware is contained within the currency dataset files and is available to download from our website within Technical Support / Currency Download. Please see page 1 for more product details.
New Features:
• Support for SPF3 datasets
• Support for DA3 data logging
• Improvements to 2nd note detection during fast feed.
SMART Data 1.1.3
The latest SMART Data software has been updated and is now at version This is available for free download from the SMART Data section of our website, simply log in and select Download Software. NB. Please remember that the login details for SMART Data are different to those used to enter the main ITL website.
• Connection improvements
• General improvements
• Support for expanded SSP note values


DA3 SMART Update Tool - Euro €10
A new DA3 SMART Update Tool has been released to aid customers to update their validators to accept the €10 note that entered circulation 23rd September. With the use of a DA3 handheld programmer and a standard SD card all ITL validators can be quickly and simply updated to accept the new €10 note. The DA3 SMART Update Tool for the new €10 note can be downloaded from our website within Technical Support / Software Download where a quick start guide explains the whole procedure. 
We recommend updating DA3 firmware and DPS to the latest available versions.
NV200 – Product Change Notification
As a result of continuous product development two modifications have been made to the NV200. The screw bosses have been lengthened to ensure the screws do not affect the PM00612_R4
Validator Rear Cover.
A PM02024 PCB cover has also been integrated for added protection for the PCB. See images below. We anticipate no impact on function, compatibility or reliability connected with the PM00603_4 Lens Path Rear and PM02024 PCB Cover.
New €10 now in circulation
The new €10 note was released into circulation on 23rd September 2014, all of our datasets have been updated with the new issued note. We strongly recommend that you download the latest Euro datasets and firmware in order to ensure optimum performance of your validator.
Firmware is contained within the currency dataset files and is now available to download, for FREE, from our website within Technical Support / Software Download.