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June 2014 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


DA3 firmware 1.15 released
A new version of DA3 firmware has now been released 1.15.  DA3 firmware is available to download from our website within Technical Support / Firmware Download and we recommend that all DA3 devices are updated to the latest firmware.
- During a match download a small number of units reverted to SSP.  This has now been fixed.
- Support for NV9USB + and NV11 + units
- Support for FSP firmware units and updates



DPS - Device Programming System 1.1.4
A new version of DPS has now been released 1.1.4.  DPS is available to download from our website within Technical Support / Software Download and we recommend that all users install the latest DPS which only supports DA3 firmware 1.15 and above.
- Support for combined FG4 files for NV9 USB and NV9 USB+. 
-Support for NV9 USB + and NV11 + units.
-DPS requires DA3 firmware 1.15 or above to function.
-Support for new €10 Smart Update Tool - available later this month.
We will shortly be replacing the existing NV9 USB note validator with a new version NV9 USB+. 
The newer models are compatible with all existing protocols and the NV9 USB+ has identical external dimensions so no modifications will be required on any existing machines currently utilising the NV9 USB. The NV9 USB+ includes enhanced sensing technology to future proof the unit. The additional sensors will allow further improvements to security, reliability and overall performance moving forward.
Hardware wise the NV9 USB+ is identical to the existing NV9 USB note validator. All new NV9 USB+ models can be identified by a blue product label (rather than the green standard label). More information will follow in future technical bulletins and we envisage that the new NV9 USB+ units will fulfil all sales orders from this Autumn.


SMART Hopper - Product Change Notification
As a result of continuous product development a modification has been made to the outer side cover of the SMART Hopper to increase structural integrity. The PM00432 Revision 2 back panel has been modified to add a strengthening rib. See image in Technical Buletin. We anticipate no impact to functionality or reliability. 
NB: The new back panel PM00432 is only compatible with SMART Hopper revision 18 or above. The full product change notification is available on request from Technical Support via email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.