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January 2012 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology

SMART Hopper firmware 6.13 released
SMART Hopper firmware is now at version 6.13. All SMART Hopper coin dataset files are all being re-released incorporating this new firmware _SH0003613 and will be available to download from the Technical Support / Currency Download section of our website.
New features include:

  • New SSP commands Get firmware version, Get dataset version and Get all coins levels.
  • 1 stop bit supported on SSP.
  • Improved memory handling.
  • Improved calibration routines.

Currency dataset download information
The information displayed on the Currency Download page (within Technical Support) has been updated. By clicking on the blue ‘i’ icon (shown below) you can now see full information for all available currency dataset files.

Dataset name [ eg. United Arab Emirates (5) ]
Dataset code [ eg. AED01201 ]
Release date
Issue number
Validator [ product code ]
Firmware [ firmware version number ]
Bezel size [ usually defined by currency width ]
Pulse [ default pulse settings for this specific currency dataset file ]

Firmware version information has been added so you can ensure your validator is always using the latest available firmware.

NV200 firmware 4.14 released
NV200 firmware is now at version 4.14. All NV200 dataset files will be re-released incorporating this new firmware _NV0200414 and will be available to download from the Technical Support / Currency Download section of our website.
New features include:

  • New SSP Commands (See SSP Specification issue 31 for information)
  • Improved note handling

SSP manual GA138-31 released
Smiley Secure Protocol - SSP is a secure interface specifically designed by Innovative Technology to address the problems experienced by cash handling systems in gaming machines. The Smiley Secure Protocol (SSP) specification GA138 is now at version 31 and is available to download from our website on all Product Pages.
New additions to the SSP Manual include:

  • A new global level request command for SMART Hopper and SMART Payout.

Newly released datasets – January 2012

Name Code Reason Validator
Azerbaijan AZN01 New dataset SMART Hopper
Denmark / Euro / Sweden D0003 New dataset NV9 / NV9 USB
Eastern Caribbean XCD01 New dataset NV200 / SP, NV9 USB / NV10 USB
Guatemala GTQ01 Improved acceptance 1 quetzal BV20
Honduras HNL01 Improved acceptance 50, 100, 500 BV20
Hong Kong HKD01/02 New notes added 50, 100 dollars NV10 USB / NV200
Romania RON01 2008 issue 10 lei notes added BV20
Singapore SGD01 Improved acceptance 10 dollars polymer NV10 USB
Turkmenistan TMT01 New dataset NV9 USB
Turkmenistan TMT01 Improved acceptance NV9
USA USD04 Improved acceptance $5 BV20

DA2 programming kit
The DA2 is a programming and communications tool, allowing direct communication with ITL validators and a PC. The DA2 kit is available from your local office or via the web shop ‘Order’ Tab. Each DA2 kit contains the DA2 dongle and 12V power supply cable, an ITL ribbon cable and a USB cable. All currency dataset files, firmware and software files are available to download for free from the Technical Support section of our website and as such CDs will no longer be supplied with the DA2 kit.

Product guides
A number of useful guides are now available to download from the individual Product Pages on our website. New additions include:
Maintenance Guides – NV9 USB
Quick Reference Guides – NV11, NV9 USB, NV10 USB

The SMART Data program is now at version and we recommend all users update their software to this new version. To register for a SMART Data account and download the software please visit: www.innovative-technology.co.uk/smartdata
SMART Data was featured in the November 2011 Technical Bulletin please refer to this issue for full information.

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ccTalk DES – Data Encryption Standard
ccTalk DES security is a variant of ccTalk and is now available for the following ITL products.

Product From Firmware Version Release Date
NV9 3.25 Nov 2011
NV9 USB 3.29 Nov 2010
NV10 3.25 Jan 2012
NV10 USB 3.29 Apr 2011
NV11 3.31 Dec 2010
NV200 4.09 Apr 2011
SMART Payout 4.08 Feb 2011
SMART Hopper 6.08 Jan 2011

NV11 and SMART Payout dataset files.
NV11 and SMART Payout dataset files are now available to download from the Currency Download section (within Technical Support) of our website. The NV11 datasets have the same file name as their equivalent NV9 USB files but end with the extension_IF_03.bv1. SMART Payout datasets have the same file name as their equivalent NV200 files but end with the extension _IF_03.bv1. Please refer to the February 2011 Technical Bulletin for details of how to update the SMART Payout.

ICE 2012
Thank you for visiting us at ICE this year – it was a very busy show with some great enquiries. See you all at Excel for ICE 2013.

Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation

Innovative Technology are celebrating 20 Years of Innovation within the automated cash handling sector this year. Founded in 1992 by David Bellis MBE, Innovative Technology Ltd (ITL) was the first company to manufacture low cost multi-currency validators, when it introduced the NV1 Smiley® to the market - making banknote validators affordable to the AWP market.

20 years on, the company’s philosophy of proving exceptional value validation products still remains as the Company Ethos today. Innovative Technology prides itself on providing exceptional value, intelligent validation products with an industry-leading acceptance
rate for multi-currency of typically 99.8%.

Later this year we will bring some exciting new products to the market. Currently in development these product will show that innovation is still the key part of our business. Innovative Technology – Intelligence in Validation