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March 2012 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology

NV9 USB firmware 3.39 released

NV9 USB firmware (and NV11) is now at version 3.39 and is contained within the currency dataset files available from Technical Support / Currency Download. New features include:

  • Multi-denomination support for CC4 interface.
  • Added push button flash code for DES encryption.
  • Added SSP commands Get Build Revision, Get Firmware Revision and Get Dataset Version.
  • Added support for notes longer than 160mm.
  • Single line inhibit functionality for Pulse interface.
  • DES encryption support for CC4 interface.
  • Enabled multi-denomination note recycling on the NV11 recycler without needing forced encryption mode.

SMART Hopper firmware 6.14 released

SMART Hopper firmware is now at version 6.14 and is contained within the coin currency dataset files available from Technical Support / Currency Download. New features include:

  • ccTalk coin mech disabled when hopper is busy
  • Coin levels updated during Smart Emptying
  • Improved support for multi denomination datasets
  • Timing of counter adjustment on payout
  • Fixed coin routing in Highest Value Split
  • More robust routines in payout by denomination operation
  • Busy reply to payout/float/empty commands until Hopper is fully initialised
  • Amended routine to enter ccTalk DES trusted mode

Newly released datasets - March 2012
Name Code Reason Validator
BrazilBRL01New coin datasetSMART Hopper
Hong Kong HKD01, HKD022010 issue bank of china notes addedNV10 / USB, NV200
Kyrgyzstan KGS01, KGS02New notes added 200, 500, 1000 SomNV9 / USB, NV10 / USB
LebanonLBP01New 1000 note addedBV100
Sweden/Euro/Poland S0008New datasetNV9 / USB
UK - NI GBP09Improved acceptance New Ulster Bank £10, new Northern Bank £20NV9 / USB, NV10 / USB
United Arab EmiratesAll applicableCollect new 5, 10, 20 and 200 dirhamsNV10 / USB
United Arab EmiratesAED01, AED02, AED03New 5, 10, 20 and 200 Dirhams addedNV200

Bank of England Notes – New Chief Cashier
From September 2012 the Bank of England will re-release current circulation £5, £10 and £20 banknotes to include the signature of the current Chief Cashier - Chris Salmon. Other than the signature change the banknotes and their security features will look identical to the existing notes. These banknotes will be manufactured using new printing technology, which is also applied to the £50 (Boulton and Watt) banknote which already shows Chris Salmon’s signature on the front. All of these banknotes will co-circulate with existing notes bearing the signature of Andrew Bailey, the former Chief Cashier. There are no plans to actively remove ‘Andrew Bailey’ notes from circulation, these can continue to be used normally and retain their legal tender status. More information can be found on the Bank of England website.
Innovative Technology validators do not require updates to accept these bank notes, however we always recommend the use of latest firmware (included in currency dataset files)
The main GBP datasets are: GBP02 – UK onlyGBP06 – UK-ScotGBP09 – UK-NI

ProductFirmware Version
NV9 USB3.39
NV10 USB3.30
SMART PayoutSee NV200
SMART Hopper6.14
Please ensure the latest firmware is always used. Refer to the FAQ – Interpreting dataset file names on our website for further details of how to identify firmware versions from currency dataset files.
Recent exhibitions
March was a busy month exhibition wise with two European shows taking place at the end of the month.
Fer Interazar, Madrid – Despite the change in dates Fer Interazar 2012 was another successful show for us.
Intertraffic, Amsterdam – A first for us we took a Schell Scheme stand at Intertraffic within the Parking section.