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July 2012 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


NV9 USB firmware 3.41

NV9 USB and NV11 firmware is now at version 3.41. Firmware is contained within the currency dataset files and is available to download from our website within the Technical Support / Currency Download section.

New Functionality:

-Added Note Float Refill Mode


-USB stability has improved

-Resolved dataset revision reporting issue with ccTalk

-Stability improvements

New Features:

-Added multi-denomination mode indicator to expanded status response. See updated specification (GA964 v6, available from support)

** We strongly recommend updating all NV9 USB and NV11 validators to this latest firmware version for increased technology and security. **

Innovative bank note validators compatible with Paylink

We are pleased to announce the NV11 and NV200 are compatible with Paylink firmware Version The release notes and software is available at http://www.aardvark.eu.com/products/milan/downloads.htm

London Shows 2013

The London Shows are slightly different in 2013 with ICE taking part in Excel in February. We look forward to seeing you there.

EAG – Excel London – 22nd 24th Jan. Stand 245.

ICE – Excel London – 5th – 7th Feb. Stand S9 - 140

Newly released datasets – July 2012


ChileCLP01 / CLP02Improved acceptance 1000 & 5000 PesosBV100

ColombiaCOP01New datasetSMART Hopper

ColombiaCOP01 / COP02Improved acceptance, improved security BV20

JordanJOD01New datasetNV10 USB

JordanJOD01Improved acceptanceNV10

LithuaniaLTL01New datasetNV9 / USB

LithuaniaLTL01New datasetNV200

NamibiaNAD01New notes addedNV200 / SMART Payout

NorwayNOK01New datasetBV20

Interface (IF) converters

Innovative Technology has various interface converters to increase the security of machines using lower level protocols such as parallel or binary. ITL bank note validators using the secure SSP protocol are fitted, and the interface is placed as close as possible to the control board of the machine. The interface converts the communications from SSP to that of the host machine (see key below for more details). Using these interfaces the majority of the cable is made secure against outside manipulation and electrical noise.

IF9 - SSP to Binary

IF10 - SSP to Parallel

IF10e - eSSP to Parallel

IF14 - eSSP to ccTalk

IF15 - SSP to Pulse

*All of these IF (Interface Converters) are available through our Web Shop*

IF5 – MDB Voltage Converter

The IF5 is an in-line voltage regulator for MDB hosts to interface with ITL validators. It regulates the voltage to ensure the validator is supplied with the correct voltage at all times as well as isolating the communications. The IF5 ensures the voltage is stabilised and regulated, a requirement of interfacing with an MDB host.

IF6 – NV4 to current products

The IF6 is a 15 way to 16 way adapter used to enable host machines build around the NV4 note validator to easily upgrade to ITL’s current bank note validator range. (eg. Upgrade NV4 to NV10 USB). Please note when ordering a replacement ITL bank note validator you need to know the host machine protocol.

IF17 – USB to TTL

The IF17 is a new interface which will shortly be available. Designed for a robust operating environment; the IF17 enables reliable communication between host applications and ITL devices via USB.