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September 2012 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology

NV200 firmware 4.16 released

NV200 firmware is now at version 4.16. Firmware is contained within the currency dataset files and is available to download from our website Technical Support / Currency Download.

New Functionality:

  • Bezel setup command for ccTalk/CC1.
  • Commands to Set Key, Reset Key and Set Baud Rate in SSP.
  • New test mode for Payout by Value and Payout by Denomination - Test mode with distance (0x37).
  • New reject reason - double note insertion (0x1C).
  • Enable Payout now has optional flag for optimizing pay-in speed.

New Features:

  • Support for 38400 and 115200 baud rates.
  • SSP recovery mode - starting unit with dipswitch 8 up will set address to 0 and baud to 9600.
  • Support for increased capacity datasets.
  • Operating device without a cashbox is now possible.
  • Extra bezel error codes added.


  • Fixed some issues with SSP communications.
  • Improved USB stability.
  • Better recovery from power loss during downloads.
  • Stacking process altered to avoid stacking a note too early.
  • Barcodes will now reject with an 'inhibited channel' reason when disabled.
  • Communication of errors from the Payout module to the NV200 is now quicker.
  • Improvements to anti-jam routines between the NV200 and cashbox.

Newly released datasets - September 2012

Country Code Reason Validator

Kuwait KWD01 New dataset (1/4 & 1/2 dinar only) BV100

Malaysia MYR02 New 20 Ringgit added NV9 / USB, NV10 / USB, BV50, NV200 / SP

Thailand THB01 New 50 Baht added NV9 / USB, NV10 / USB & NV200 / SP

UK All Improved acceptance NV9 / NV9 USB, NV200 / SP

NV11 product training

A free 2 hour NV11 product training course will be held at Innovative Technology’s UK Head Office in Oldham, the morning of Thursday 15th November.

The course will cover:-

  • NV11 Product Overview
  • Operation & Programming
  • Maintenance & Fault Finding

Places are free but limited so to reserve your place please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Latest firmware revisions

We strongly recommend that users regularly update to the latest versions of firmware & software for improved technology and security. The information below shows all latest version revision numbers for currency datasets and software versions for support tools (as at 02/10/12).

This information is designed to allow all ITL users to update their validators and support tools to the lastest available firmware and software revisions. Please take this opportunity to update your products.

Currency Dataset Firmware - as at 02/10/12

Product Firmware Revision Release Date

BV20 4.08 June 2012

BV50 4.07 Oct 2011

BV100 4.07 Sept 2012

NV9 USB / NV11 3.41 August 2012

NV10 USB 3.30 Nov 2011

NV200 /SMART Payout 4.16 Oct 2012

SMART Hopper 6.16 Sept 2012

Software Tools - as at 02/10/12

Product Version Number Uses

Bank note validator currency manager 3.3.13 BV / NV reprogramming

SMART PIPS (Pay in Pay Out System) 1.4.5 SMART Hopper & Payout reprogramming

Bank note validator diagnostic tools 2.0.0 Diagnostics

DA3 handheld programmer 1.09 DA3

Validator programing system (VPS) 1.0.16 DA3