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October 2012 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology

NV card utilities 1.3.1 released
A new version on NV card utilities is now available to download from the Technical Support / Software Download section of our website. NV Card Utilities allows users to update the NV200 with a data flash card (see announcement below re: new card PA1121) and DA3 hand held programmer. Please download and replace any previous versions you may have been running.

Data flash card replacement
A new data flash card - PA1121 is now available for use with the NV200 note validator and DA3 handheld programmer. This card replaces the previous Atmel Data Flash card IC237. The PA1121 (pictured here) is orderable now via our Webshop or your local office.
The data flash card allows:
- Reprogramming;
- Field data capture;
- Log communications between host and validator.

NV200 self aligning bezel launched
A new self aligning, rainbow bezel has been launched for the NV200, ITL part number PA1038. The bezel attaches to a machine door and self aligns when the door is closed. The bezel can be programmed to radiate in any one colour or cycle between 11 different colours to create an ever changing rainbow effect to attract more custom.

SSP communications protocol manual 2_0_2 released
A new version of the SSP (Smiley Secure Protocol) document ga138 2_0_2 has been released. The document is now in a new, easier to navigate format and is available to download from all Product pages of the Innovative Technology website.

Newly released datasets - October 2012


BrazilBRL03/05Improved securityBV20

GuatemalaGTQ01Improved acceptance, added new 5 QuetzalBV100

JamaicaJMD01Reverse validationNV200 / SMART Payout

KuwaitKWD01New datasetNV200

Quick Reference Guides
Updated Quick Reference Guides have been issued for the NV range of validators.
These guides are available to download from the Products section of the Innovative Technology Website within the individual product pages. eg. NV200.

The guides provide a quick reference overview of the configurations available for the current bank note validator range NV9 USB, NV10 USB, NV200 and the NV11 note recyclers. Where applicable the following areas are explained in the quick reference guides:

- Error Codes
The front bezel displays in-built fault detection if there is a configuration or other error
- Dip Switch Settings
Where fitted a Dual Inline Package (DIP) switch bank is used to set the options for the unit.
- Configuration Button
The various functions of the configuration button
- Cleaning
Note path cleaning
- Interface Indication
How to interpret bezel flashes to determine which protocol is currently programmed into a unit

Please download the pdf Technical Bulletin to view the NV200 Quick Reference Guide.