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April 2014 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


Secure Interfacing
In today’s advanced technological age we recommend encrypted SSP (eSSP) protocol for all operations. Over the last few years we have seen more frauds against the non-serial protocols such as pulse and parallel and it is our opinion that secure serial protocols such as SSP as now required. Pulse and parallel are inherently insecure and more open to manipulation than serial communications. To help combat security issues we have a number of Interface Convertors (IF) that allow existing validators to communicate in SSP via an adapter. The IF is mounted away from the front of the machine and with only a short connection between the IF and the host control board security is enhanced.
The following interfaces can be used with existing pulse and parallel validators to convert to SSP:
IF15 = SSP - Pulse
The validator needs to be set to SSP (dip 3 up, dip 4 down or simply press and hold the configuration button on USB units) and the IF15 plugged in.
IF10 = SSP – Parallel
The validator needs to be set to SSP (see above) and the IF10 plugged in.
IF10E = encrypted SSP – Parallel
Older dip switch products need re-programming to FSP interface available to download from our website. For USB units please contact technical support to ensure the correct FSP interface is available. After updating, plug in the IF10e.
A full list of Interface Convertors is available on line within Accessories.



SMART Hopper product change notification
As part of our continuous quality improvements, with immediate effect the retaining screw in the PM00430 left side panel of the SMART Hopper has been removed and replaced by an internal retaining clip. 
This change will have no anticipated impact to function, compatibility or reliability.
NV10 / USB Anti-strim shield PM00599 
Where cashbox design does not follow ITL design guidelines (see exert below from NV10 USB Operations Manual) an additional anti-fishing mechanism is available for the NV10 / USB in the form of the PM00599 anti-strim shield. The part is available from our webshop and fits to the back of the unit to improve security.
Proposed new £1 coin
The Royal Mint announced last month a prototype replacement £1 coin which could be introduced in 2017. The proposed new coin is a distinctive twelve sided shape that is constructed from two different coloured      metals. The proposed £1 coin will be the most secure coin in circulation and would allow the UK to rapidly reduce the amount of counterfeit coins.
The new coin will contain Integrated Secure Identification Systems (iSIS) enabling not just coins, but the whole cash cycle to be more secure, protecting the public, vending machine operators, retailers, and the wider banking system.
ITL Chairman, David Bellis a well-known figure in the cash handling industry commented, “This announcement has everyone in the Industry talking. With information yet to be released on the actual size of the coin I would hope for a coin thinner than the existing £1 which is currently one of the thickest coins in circulation worldwide. My personal preference will always be for circular coins but I would welcome the extra security measures outlined to help combat the level of counterfeit £1 coins.”
A public consultation will be held over the summer focusing on how to manage any impacts, before a final decision is made on the precise specification of the new coin, including the metal composition. More information will follow in future Technical Bulletins.
SMART Ticket
The SMART Ticket is a unique banknote validator and ticket printer with fan fold or continuous roll ticket media options. The revolutionary note in / ticket out design eliminates the need for a separate printer and with rear or top ticket mounting options the SMART Ticket is suitable for multiple applications. Tickets are read and verified prior to issue, ensuring the validity of all tickets before issue.
• Revolutionary note in / ticket out design
• Unique banknote validator and ticket printer
• Maximises cash efficiency
• Fan fold or continuous roll tickets
Please visit our website for more information on the revolutionary new SMART Ticket.
ITL Technical Conference
Staff from our global support teams were at our UK Head Office last month for the first ITL Technical Conference.
Speaking just before the conference Andy Bassam, Customer Support Manager said, “We have significantly strengthened our worldwide technical support team in recent years and the conference allows us all to come together to share our experiences and knowledge. We pride ourselves on the level of service and support that we deliver to customers worldwide. Over the 3 days we will look at the new products due for release this year and plan how we can further develop our global technical assistance.”
The image shows staff from the UK, Ireland, Germany  and China who have all come together for the 3 day conference to share knowledge, experiences and plan for the year ahead.


New €10 note
Due to our strong links with the European Central Bank (ECB) we are happy to announce that we propose to begin issuing new Euro currency dataset files, updated to include the new issue €10 note, during May - four months before the note enters circulation on Tuesday 23rd September. 
The new issue €10 note will be added into all applicable Euro and Euro mixed datasets across our full product range. By releasing these datasets early we aim to ensure a smooth transition for Operators and Manufacturers across  Europe, allowing sufficient time to update all machines out in the field well before the note is officially released.
To simplify the update processs even more we will once again issue a SMART Update Tool. With the use of a DA3 handheld programmer and a standard SD card all ITL validators can be quickly and simply updated to accept the new €10 note. More information will follow on our website and in future technical bulletins.