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March 2014 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


New Validator Manager

A new version of Validator Manager is soon to be released. With a fresh design the new ITL Validator Manager is easier to use and compatible with our current product range. By utilising a DA2 Kit, Validator Manager allows quick currency and firmware updates, communicating directly between the ITL validator and a PC. If you would like to be involved in beta testing for the new ITL Validator Manager please email Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. by Monday 24th March 2014.

BV20 & BV100 firmware rollback

The firmware for BV20 and BV100 has been rolled back due to hardware compatibility issues with older units. BV20 firmware is now at 4.13 and BV100 firmware is at 4.12.


NV9 USB firmware version 3.51 released

A new version of NV9 USB firmware has now been released 3.51. 
Firmware is contained within the currency dataset files and is available to download from our website within Technical Support / Currency Download.
Improvements / Fixes
- Stacker Errors at power up now correctly reported as a Poll response.
- Fixed issue with a close 2nd note insertion during a stacking cycle would cause a fraud attempt
- Significant Security Improvements 
CC1 Only Improvements
- Correction to coin value reporting to header 171 (Request Coin Hopper).
- Header 168 (Request Hopper Dispense) now replies correct dispense count.
- Header 111 (Request Encryption Support) returns correctly encryption level CMF1-1 & CMF1-2.
- Fixed CC1 address poll reply on USB
Installing ITL Drivers with Windows 8
Windows 8 will prevent ITL drivers from being installed. If you are using a windows 8 platform you need to enter a non-standard mode to allow the driver installation. Full information is provided within the ITL Drivers.zip package. 
DES encryption - Placing an NV9 USB / NV11 into trusted mode
During host machine installation of an NV9USB or NV11, the validator and host must exchange a    secret key which forms the basis of the communication encryption. This exchange is performed in a trusted mode which can only be accessed by physically pressing the push button on the validator. This ensures that the validator cannot enter trusted mode without having physical access to the validator thus maintaining security.
Follow the steps below:
1.  Disconnect Power
2.  Open Note Path
3.  Power
4.  Wait until powered
5.  Press configuration button & hold 4 SECS (>3 but < 5 secs)
6.  Release configuration button
7.  Watch for LED flash
An instructional video can be found on our YouTube channel.   
Newly released datasets
Country Code Reason Validator
Canada CAD01 New dataset SMART Hopper
Euro EUR01/02/03 Improved acceptance (€5 2013) BV100
Iran IRR03 New dataset 1k-2k-5k-10k-20k-50k NV10/USB 
Kenya KES01 New dataset SMART Hopper
Libya LYD01 New dataset NV9 USB 
The new €10 banknote
The European Central Bank (ECB) will officially release the new €10 note into circulation on Tuesday 23rd September 2014. Due to our strong links with the ECB we are already working with the new issue €10 note to build it into our currency dataset files.
To ease the update process for Operators and Manufacturers across Europe we intend to release Euro datasets containing the new €10 issue note, during the Summer, to allow plenty of time to update all machines out in the field before the note is officially released. The new issue €10 note will be added into all applicable Euro and Euro mixed datasets across our full product range.
To simplify the update processs even more we will once again issue a SMART Update Tool. With the use of a DA3 handheld programmer and standard SD card all ITL validators can be quickly and simply updated to accept the new €10 note. More information will follow in future Technical Bulletins.