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January 2014 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


BV20 firmware 4.13 released

A new version of BV20 firmware has now been released 4.13.  
Firmware is contained within the currency dataset files and is available to download from our website within Technical Support / Currency Download.


- Added an option for inverted vend line for PL1


NV10 USB firmware 3.34 released

A new version of NV10 USB firmware has now been released 3.34.

Firmware is contained within the currency dataset files and is available to download from our website within Technical Support / Currency Download.


- The dataset on the device will be fully checksummed on startup to ensure there are no issues

- ccTalk download now supported


Product Change Notification - NV200 standard cashbox (PA00629)

As part of our continuous quality improvements a sprung idle roller wheel has been added to provide increased note grip to a note / bill or barcode ticket as it passes into the NV200 cashbox. This modification will improve the note handling of very worn / crumpled notes, as it ensures the note will clear the bottom-most sensor in the validator.

NV9 / NV10 built between June 2005 and December 2009

The original NV9 and NV10 units were first produced in June 2005 and replaced by the NV9 USB and NV10 USB in December 2009. Both of these products will be made obsolete on the 31st December 2014 meaning we will no longer be able to repair or supply parts for these units from the end of the year. We will however continue to provide datasets and firmware until the end of the following year 31st December 2015. The original NV9 and NV10 are easily distinguishable from other NV9 and NV10 units because they use dipswitches to change interfaces. 

If you still use the original NV9 and NV10 we do recommend that you upgrade your units to the latest USB versions for increased levels of security and advanced technology.

The NV9 USB & NV10 USB boast simple reprogramming via configuration button and USB connectivity. The USB models support multiple interfaces, selectable via support tools or configuration cards and the NV9 USB is compatible with the Note Float module to enable note recycling and validation in one. More information is available on our website within Products.

Newly released datasets

Country Code Reason Validator

Lebanon LBP01/02 New 5000 pound note added NV10 / USB 
Libya LYD01 New dataset NV10 USB 
Kenya KES01/71 New datasets NV200 
USA All applicable Improved acceptance BV50
Future Note Issues
Bank of England Polymer Notes
The Bank of England announced in December that the next £5 and £10 banknotes will be printed on polymer, a thin flexible plastic film, rather than on the cotton paper used for notes currently in issue. 
The new polymer notes will retain the familiar look of Bank of England notes, including the portrait of Her Majesty the Queen and a historical character. The first polymer note will be the £5 note featuring Sir Winston Churchill and will be issued in 2016. It will be followed around a year later by a polymer £10 note featuring Jane Austen. The polymer notes will be around 15% smaller than they are today but in terms of note validation, polymer banknotes pose no additional issues.
ITL note validators will accept and stack as normal without any hardware modifications. The only update required will be a free currency firmware update to incorporate the new polymer banknote data before the notes are release in 2016. 
The new €10 Note
The European Central Bank has unveiled the new €10 banknote and announced that it will enter circulation on the 23rd September 2014. The new €10 will be easily recognisable as its design is similar to the existing €10 note. The design incorporates advances in banknote technology, making the note even more resistant to counterfeiting.
We will work with the ECB to ensure a smooth transition for Operators and Manufacturers and the new €10 will be incorporated into all applicable Euro currency datasets in advance of the note’s release. We hope to be able to issue all Euro and Euro mixed datasets including the new €10 note by the start of August to allow plenty of time to update ITL validators in the field before the note enters circulation. To simplify the update processs even more we will once again issue a SMART Update Tool. With the use of a DA3 handheld programmer and standard SD card all ITL validators can be quickly and simply updated to accept the new €10 note.
More information will follow on our website and in future technical bulletins.