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November 2013 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


BV50 firmware version 4.12 released

A new version of BV50 firmware has now been released 4.12. Firmware is contained within the currency dataset files and is available to download from our website within Technical Support / Currency Download.


- Implementation of enhanced security
- Improvements to stacking routines


Newly released datasets

Country Code Reason Validator

Kazakhstan All applicable 2012 issue 2000 Tenge added NV9 / NV9USB, NV10 / NV10USB, NV200, BV20

Kazakhstan KZT01 New dataset BV100

Malaysia All applicable 2012 100 Ringgit added NV9 / NV9USB, NV10 /NV10USB, NV200

Transnistria TSR01 New dataset BV100

UK - NI GBP09/23/29 New Bank of Ireland £5, £10, £20 added NV200

UK - NI GBP09/29 New Bank of Ireland £5, £10, £20 added NV10 / NV10 USB

UK - NI GBP09 New Bank of Ireland £5, £10, £20 added NV9 / NV9 USB

USA USD01 Added new $100 note NV200

USA USD01/03/05 Added new $100 note NV10 / USB



New issue banknotes

World Banks are regularly releasing banknotes with new designs and additional security features,so updating ITL currency dataset files is a constant process. All ITL currency dataset files are freely available to download from our website. We recommend updating currency files whenever maintenance is conducted on any ITL banknote validators to ensure your validators contain the very latest issue banknotes.


Over the last few months three World Banks in the USA, Canada and Northern Ireland have publicly released new issue notes:

The US Federal Reserve has released a new issue $100 bill with increased security features;

The Bank of Canada has released new $5 and $10 polymer bills;

The Bank of Ireland (in Northern Ireland) has issued new issue £5, £10 & £20 pound notes.


To ensure your ITL validators are using the most up to date currency dataset files please visit our website where all downloads can be found under Technical support / Currency Download.


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